Charlotte Police Foundation

Electronic Monitoring Devices for Pre-Trial
Chronic Offenders

In 2007, the CMPF pledged $110,000 to seed a pilot program to lease and monitor 100 ankle bracelet devices with GPS tracking for offenders on pre-trail release awaiting adjudication of charges. The program has proven to be instrumental in CMPD’s real time approach in crime correlation to identify repeat offenders and has also proven to be a force multiplier in crime prevention through deterring offenders from committing crimes while in the program. The pilot program has grown into a full-time unit funded by the CMPD operating budget consisting of a sergeant, 8 officers and 2 civilian personnel managing up to 1,200 offenders each year.

Spring Luncheon

April 4, 2019

Held each spring, this non-profit event kick-starts the annual CMPD fundraising efforts.

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