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Who We Are


CMPF is an independent 501c3 non-profit organization supported by Charlotte-area businesses and the greater community.

What We Do

We provide resources for CMPD programs and keep pace with rapidly evolving technology, skills and strategies the city can’t readily fund.

Who We Support

Every member of the CMPD has a story, one that goes far beyond their navy exterior. Get to know the people behind the badge.

Some of Us Were Born to Do This

Others found our way here on a twist of fate. A higher calling. Determined to prevent hardships we experienced firsthand. But regardless of how we arrived, we’re here to make an impact.

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Our Funds Save Lives

Click through the following list to see how dollars raised by CMPF go toward real initiatives aimed at reducing crime, equipping officers, protecting citizens and strengthening the CMPD’s relationship with the community.

Body Worn Cameras

Reinforcing Our Commitment to Transparency
CMPF raised $450,000 to purchase 1,400 body-worn cameras for patrol officers. This initial funding was also the catalyst for a $7M investment from the city to issue body-worn cameras to all patrol officers. More recently, CMPD deployed cameras to SWAT, the Violent Criminal Apprehension Team, other tactical units and all officers working secondary employment, making Charlotte the first major city to equip all officers with body-worn cameras. It’s just one of the ways the CMPD is proving its commitment to transparency and, as a result, has seen a 30% reduction in external complaints since the full launch of the program.

Help Our Heroes


On Monday, April 29, 2024, officers with the US Marshalls Fugitive Taskforce went to a residence in east Charlotte to arrest a convicted felon. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) officer Joshua Eyer, North Carolina Department of Adult Correction officers William “Alden” Elliott and Samuel Poloche and Deputy US Marshall Thomas Weeks were killed.  Three additional CMPD officers and one detective from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office were also shot.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Foundation recently provided funding to CMPD for their Clinical Care Access Pilot (CCAP). To prevent financial barriers to care after being exposed to a traumatic incident, the pilot provides reimbursement to employees for outpatient counseling or in-patient care. Collaborating closely with the Office of Employee Wellness at CMPD, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Foundation has provided funding to the department specifically tailored to cover expenses for therapy services.

After the shooting deaths on Monday, the community has asked how they can help. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Foundation will assist by creating a Help Our Heroes fund. The fund will allow employees of the local public safety, first responder agencies impacted by the events to receive mental health care. We will, additionally, use funds to assist with needs identified by the impacted agencies to support their employees.

If you would like to donate to Help our Heroes, you may do so here-

Cold Case DNA Crime Lab

Solving More Crimes without Warm Leads
CMPF provided $150,000 to establish a CMPD crime lab and test evidence from 158 cold cases ranging from homicides, rape, sexual assaults and other violent crimes.

Vehicle Mitigation Barriers

Protecting the Freedom to Assemble
CMPF donated $146,200 to cover the cost of 16 anti-vehicle barriers, two trailers and related equipment to separate and secure areas with large crowds; improving an important part of CMPD’s security plan to protect its citizens.

Electronic Monitoring Devices for Pre-Trial Chronic Offenders

Helping Officers Keep Track
CMPF pledged $110,000 to seed a pilot program to lease and monitor 100 ankle bracelet devices with GPS tracking for offenders on pretrial release awaiting adjudication of charges. The program has since grown into a full-time unit funded by the CMPD operating budget consisting of a sergeant, 8 officers and 2 civilian personnel managing up to 1,200 offenders each year.

DNA Equipment

Increasing Crime Lab Efficiencies
CMPF provided $90,000 toward DNA testing equipment for the CMPD crime lab. The new robotic technology improves the efficiency of DNA testing and evidence sample processing. More than 10,000 DNA samples have been tested using the new automated equipment.

Fire Extinguishers for Police Vehicles

Maintaining a Safer Work Environment
CMPF contributed $58,000 to purchase and install fire extinguishers in all CMPD vehicles to prevent injury and loss of life.

Community Engagement

Creating Meaningful Connections
CMPF donated $50,000 for community events designed to inspire candid and meaningful conversations and foster lasting relationships between the police and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community.

Go Global NC’s Latino Initiative Program

Establishing a Welcoming Community
CMPF supplied $50,000 to allow area law enforcement to participate in the Go Global NC’s Latino Initiative Program, designed to promote the successful integration of new Latino residents into our community.

Mobile Firearms Training Simulator (FATS®)

Taking Accountability in the Field
CMPF donated a mobile Firearms Training Simulator (FATS® L7) to support judgment training for police officers who often face split-second decisions every day.

CMPD Command College

Learning from Each Other
CMPF donated $25,000 to provide textbooks, facilitation, speakers and seminar fees for CMPD Command College, a 25-member formalized leadership program designed to inspire regional enforcement departments to share best practices in crime reduction.

Mobile Fingerprint Scanners

Increasing Access on the Go
CMPF raised $11,000 to purchase mobile fingerprint scanners that allow police to verify identities out in the field.


Protecting Officers in the Line of Duty
CMPF pledged $10,000 for CMPD to purchase 300 doses of NARCAN, an emergency treatment for opioid overdose, for CMPD employees most likely to be exposed to Fentanyl, a potentially lethal opioid that can be absorbed through the skin.

Thermal Imaging Devices

Increasing Visibility in High-Risk Situations
CMPF purchased two Thermal Imaging devices valued at $10,000 for the Violent Criminal Apprehension Team (VCAT) to aid in the detection of suspects who have barricaded or hidden themselves.

Major Case Crime Scene Truck

Improving Crime Scene Investigations
CMPF pledged $8,000 for a Power Moon specialized lighting system for the Major Crime Scene Investigation truck. This equipment has greatly improved crime scene investigators’ ability to detect, locate and photograph critical evidence at crime scenes.


Supporting Officers in Need
CMPF supports CMPD Hope, a non-profit organization assisting CMPD employees with timely resources in the face of financial hardship due to circumstances beyond their control. CMPD Hope also presents the annual Detective Stephen D. Furr Memorial Scholarship, a prize of up to $,2500 awarded to CMPD employee family members between the ages of 17 and 21.

Bravery Comes in Many Forms.

It’s having the courage to face challenges head on. To deal with our shortcomings. To be vulnerable. To do what’s right, not what’s easy. That’s why we support the brave people who give their all to make Charlotte-Mecklenburg a better place to live.

Police Chief, Johnny Jennings

“The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Foundation has transformed the way the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) polices and engages the community. It’s because of their generosity that CMPD has been at the forefront of cutting-edge resources and technology.”

~ Police Chief, Johnny Jennings